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  1) Which Former American president had the shortest presidency?

  a) John Tyler

  b) Franklin Pierce

  c) Andrew Jackson

  d) William Henry Harrison

  2) How long had Great Britain been at war with the colonies of America when the Declaration of Independence was written?

  a) 1 year

  b) 3 years

  c) 7 years

  d) 10 years

  3) In the battle of Gettysburg, Confederate General Robert. Lee was defeated, who was the general that defeated him?

  a) John S renalds

  b) Thomas Hastings

  c) Major General George Meade

  d) Richard S Ewell

  4) The Mayflower was the ship that in 1620 transported 102 passengers, including a group of people seeking religious freedom. Where did the Mayflower ship depart from in England?

  a) Plymouth

  b) Eastbourne

  c) Hastings

  d) York

  5) Febuary 4th and which other day made Rosa Parks Day in California and Ohio?

  a) March 3rd

  b) December 1st

  c) January 6th

  d) April 5th

  6) Which US president is on a 10 dollar note?

  a) Alexander Hamilton

  b) Andre Jackson

  c) Ulysses S. Grant

  d) Thomas Jefferson