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  LEVEL 1:美国初中同步级别


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  semester 1

  (Class 1)

  Chapter 1

  Page 9-Page22(14 pages total)

  (Class 2)

  Native Americans and Explorers:12,000BC (?)-1607

  Page 23+Page 32/33(10.8 pages needed)

  Coming to America to spicing up life and other reasons for Explorer.

  (Class 3)

  Christopher Columbus: Dream Salesman setting in Jamestown.

  Page(End of 33)

  (Class 4)

  Making Native American Friends

  Page 45 to Page 56(0.72 pages needed)

  (Class 5)

  Chapter 4 You Say You Want a Revolution to Living the Good Life

  Page 57 to 67/68

  (Class 6)

  Looking at the Brits’ Point of View to In this Corner the Brits

  Page 68 to 78(10.7 pages needed)

  (Class 7)

  In this corner the Yanks to Turning Things around at Yorktown

  Page 78/79(10.7)

  (Class 8)

  Blueprints and Birth Pains to Finding Foreign Friction

  Page 91 to Page 100/102(10.5)

  (Class 9)

  “Long Term”and One Weird War: to No One Likes a Bloodless War

  Page 103 to Page119, Starts on 105

  (Class 10)

  “Little Jemmy”Takes the Heim to Transportation gets Rolling (well floating)

  Page 115/116 to 127

  (Class 11)

  The Slavery Cancer Grows to Communicating Across America

  Page 128 to 140

  (Class 12)

  Staking Out New Land despite a Revolving Presidential Door to The Germans the Irish and the know Nothings Who opposed them.

  Page 141 to Pages 152/153

  (Class 13)

  Making Waves: The Mormons to North Versos South

  Pages 153 to Page 164/165

  (Class 14)

  Freeing the Slaves to Losing a Leader

  Page165 to Page 174

  (Class 15)

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