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  Two heads are better than one. 两人智慧胜一人。

  I lost my old camera; this is a new one. 我的旧相机丢了,这是一架新的。

  Did you get a ticket?—Yes,I managed to get one. 你搞到票了吗?——是的,我设法搞到了一张。

  注:若one 前没有形容词的修饰,则其前不能有不定冠词。比较:

  I’m looking for a flat. I’d like a small one with a garden. 我正在找一套公寓,想找一套小的带花园的。

  I’m looking for a flat. I’d like one with a garden. 我正在找一套公寓,想找一套带花园的。(不能说:... a one with a garden.)

  没有形容词修饰的one 前不能用不定冠词,但可用another。如:

  This pen doesn’t work. I must buy another one. 这支钢笔坏了,我要另买一支了。

  另外,注意它与表特指的it 的区别。如:

  Can you lend me a pen?—Sorry. I haven’t got one. 你能借给我一支钢笔吗?——对不起,我没有钢笔。

  Can I borrow your pen?—Sorry,I’m using it. 我能借用你的钢笔吗?——对不起,我自己正在用。


  替代表特指的单数名词,可用it,that,the one。三者的区别是:

  1. 替代单数可数名词时,三者均可用;替代不可数名词时,不能用the one,而要用it 或that。此时it 与that 的区别是:表示同一事物时,用it;表示同类事物时,用that 或the one。如:

  The weather here is too cold. I don’t like it. 这儿的天气太冷了,我不喜欢这儿的天气。(it 在此指前面提到的the weather)

  The weather of Beijing is colder than that of Guangzhou. 北京的天气比广州冷。(that 在此指代的天气与前面提到的天气为同类)

  My uncle bought me a dictionary and I like it very much. 我叔叔给我买了一本词典,我非常喜欢它。(it 在此就是指前面提到的叔叔给我买的词典)

  Your dictionary is more useful than the one my uncle gave me. 你这本词典比我叔叔给我的那本词典更有用。(the one 在此表示与前面提到的词典为同类)

  2. 替代事物时,三者均可用;替代人时,只能用the one。如:

  Who is her husband?—The one by the window. 哪位是她的丈夫?——窗户边的那一位。


  3. 当有前置定语修饰时,只能用the one。如:

  Which do you want?—The red one. 你想要哪个?——那个红的。

  She would rather have the small one than the large one. 她宁愿要小的,不要大的。

  4. 当有后置定语修饰时,通常用the one。如:

  My room is better than the one next door. 我的房间比隔壁房间好。

  He said he would have the one near him. 他说要靠近他的那一个。

  Is that the one that was published recently? 是最近出版的那一种吗?

  Here are six rings. Pick out the one you like best. 这里有六枚戒指,选出你最喜欢的一枚。

  但是,若后置定语为of 引起的介词短语,则通常用that。如:

  The population of China is much larger than that of Japan. 中国人口比日本人口多得多。

  A grandparent’s job is easier than that of a parent. 祖父母的任务比父母的任务要轻松一些。



  Hard beds are healthier than soft ones. 硬板床比软床有利于健康。

  Green apples often taste better than red ones. 青苹果往往比红苹果好吃。

  We can lend you plastic chairs or metal ones. 87彩店可以借给你塑料椅子或者金属椅子。

  These chairs have the great advantage of being much cheaper than conventional ones. 这些椅子具有比普通椅子便宜得多的优势。

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